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I am not a fan of the Favre.

If you’ve been living under a rock lately, you may not have heard about the Brett Favre saga, which finally, mercifully, ended Thursday with a trade to the Jets. This has led many ESPN experts Favre butt-kissers to claim the Jets are now a playoff team. Before we start talking about this, let’s clear the air. Favre in the 1990s (except 1991, his rookie year with the Falcons) was a damn good quarterback. However, by the turn of the century, he started slipping, as quarterbacks who play nearly 150 straight games will do. This did not cause the national media to jump on him like they have other quarterbacks (Dan Marino comes to mind). Instead, Favre became a “gunslinger,” who was just a good ol’ boy wanting to have fun. Even after Favre put together some absolute atrocities of playoff games, the Favre love still came down. His inspiring effort on Monday Night Football after his father passed away  was great, and I even felt a little dust around El Casa del Gringo that night. However, after that game, he was pretty mediocre. He had a decent ’04 campaign, but finished in horrible style, throwing 4 picks in a home wild-card playoff loss to the Vikings.  After an abyssmal 2005 campaign, which saw Favre throw 20 TDs against 33 INTs, for a QB rating of 70.9 and a slightly better 2006 campaign, where he threw 18 TDs against 18 TDs for a QB rating of 72.7, he experienced a career renaissance in 2007, leading the Pack to a 12-4 record, an NFC North title, and a trip to the NFC Championship Game against the upstart New York Giants. In blindingly cold weather in Green Bay, Favre threw a crippling INT in overtime, setting the stage for Lawrence Tynes’ 47-yard field goal that sent the Giants to the Super Bowl. After that game, he retired, claiming he didn’t have the desire anymore. Of course, not 2 weeks after that, he said he’d be willing to come back if the Packers needed him. Then he unretired, Roger Goodell reinstated him, and forced the Packers hand. The Pack responded by sending him away. Now, he’s going to the Jets, and everyone is beside themselves with anticipation. Me? I think he’s gonna struggle. The Patriots and Chargers are his week 2 and 3 opponents, and they are already on another stratosphere as the Jets are even with Favre. I hope he ends up struggling, the Jets decide to put in Kellen Clemons, who does lead the Jets to the playoffs, while Aaron Rodgers leads the Pack to a 14-2 record and the NFC Championship


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