Who (or what) is an “ElGringoLoco”

ElGringoLoco is a proud son of Alabama, despite not being born there. He is a former attendee of THE University of Mississippi and still has an affinity for their athletic programs, no matter how many times they break his heart. He now attends the University of North Alabama, where he is an aspiring sportswriter. Or something.

The Gringo has many handles, as well. JichaelDick is one, Golden Tiger 86 is another, Johnny Reb is yet another, and FranklinCountyReb (an homage to the Gringo’s hometown of Russellville, Alabama and the county of which it is the seat) is another. He also goes by his given middle name, Slade.

When not watching sports, or one of his 22 (not a typo, kids) ‘rasslin’ DVDs, he enjoys hanging on the internet with his fake internets friends. Or working for Wal-Mart, is the greatest thing to happen to America (if you support the company), or the second incarnate of the Gestapo (if you don’t).

The Gringo’s teams outside of Ole Miss include: THE Russellville Golden Tigers (the Gringo is a graduate of the class of 2004), the Minnesota Twins, the Atlanta Falcons…and well, trying to stay with the Indiana Pacers (but it’s been much harder since Reggie left). Teams the Gringo dislike include, but are not limited to: the New York Yankees, LSU, Notre Dame (football), Duke (basketball), the New Orleans Saints (old school NFC West rivalry, baby), the Detroit Pistons or Los Angeles Lakers, and of course, the most evil of all the sports teams in America: the Muscle Shoals Trojans. OK, 2nd most evil behind the Yankees, but still…  


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